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Xbox 360 Controller for Windows  (by Reynaldo Thomas) In this article, you will be learning about  the effect  Xbox 360 controller support and how it improve PC gaming. For starter i must tell you how the 360 controller support has been of benefiting  gamers and game makers, in a number of ways. The next thing , I am going to look at is how this support can help the platform's success as a whole. Finally, i will look at how it is contributing to the platform's expansion into console territory.

 Generally person know that most PC games now include native support for Xbox 360 controllers. This is because the support is plug-and-play and normally allows a gamer to control the game entirely with the controller once it start up. This is a great improvement over older controller support on PC, normally needed a lot of configuration and calibration, no on-screen button comes up, and no menu support.

This support has its roots in Microsoft's Games for Windows certification program,this i believe started in 2006. Very importantly, if a developer's game met the standard then they could put a shiny GFW logo on its box, not unlike the "Nintendo Seal of Quality" of the previous  past. One of these requirement was native support for the Xbox 360 controller , it normally used USB and was plug-and-play in Windows Vista and windows 7. This 360 controller uses the new API, XInput, support for legacy Direct Input is not needed any more. This caused headaches for some gamers with older controllers,  PC gamers have now found a way around this problem with the use of the freeware program x360ce. XInput gives the advantages; according to Microsoft it was much simpler for developers to setup, and since it was used by both Windows and the 360 it made cross-platform development easier and controller support easier to use on PC. playing PC games i normally stuck spend a long time to explain to console gamers why keyboard & mouse is much better in comparison to a controller for some game genres.  Recently I've realize  PC gamers that controllers are not only fine for most games, but actually superior for some genres. This resistance to controllers is the worst sort of platform elitism; many act as if using a is somehow beneath them.

The greatest  effect of Xbox 360 controller support may be the expansion of PC gaming into a large room for example your living room. The fact that HDTVs are now been use on PC even make it better, hence using a PC as a console replacement in your living room makes great sense. 

The fact that it is  designed for HDTVs, it allows gamers to control Steam with just an Xbox 360 (or other XInput) controller, and is the same to the controller interfaces for the PS3 and 360. Valve has even made it simple to sort out games with "total controller support" in this mode, and added that category to the Steam store. While the "Steambox" was just  gossip a year ago, Valve has confirmed that large Picture Mode will lead to a more recent breed of PCs ready to compete with next-gen consoles in the living room.

 How to Set up the wireless receiver

  • Load up the installation/driver CD packaged with the wireless gaming receiver
  • Connect the USB gaming receiver to your PC with it's 5 foot USB cord
  • Turn on the wireless device to be connected (make sure to disconnect your Xbox 360 console if you have one, so that it doesn't come on)
  • Sync the wireless receiver and device
  • The process is basically simple, even for PC novices too. Once it's setup your device is ready to be configured for plating your favorite gaming.  The main tests came with using the wireless 360 controller and wireless receiver combination with games such as Call of Duty online and Counter Strike: Source online by using Xpadder to make it viable. 

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