Saturday, 22 February 2014

Improve Wimax Modem Signal
A standard Green Packet DX250 WiFi modem      locally comes with two 5 dbi omni antennas. With these antennas you have to be in a 3km range of the tower in order to get good signal.

Coax cable
With my modification you can get signal a far as 8km from the tower. In modifying the modem i will be removing one of the internal antennas.This will be replace with a 24 dbi directional antenna.

The pictures  give you a summary of a modification i did today. This client was getting only two light/bars, which is about 88-90 RSSI. With this signal strength she was only able to browse at late night. 

With my modification she is now getting three bars, with a RSSI of -80 to -78. With this improvement she is getting up to 8mbps download speeds, this test was done about 12:30 pm today. 
Modem up and running with all three light

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