Monday, 10 February 2014

Sony Smart Watch SW2 for Android Phones
 This smartwatch comes with features such as camera, voice dictation, Bluetooth, and phone calls.

Wireless Capabilities                                    If you are a lover of Android smartphone, well this watch is for you.The SmartWatch 2 makes communication much easier and really exciting. This is because it comes with features such as: Bluetooth which make you communicate with a smart phone. Thanks to Google you can get apps at their Google Play to make the watch more user friendly.">Sony Smart Watch SW2 for Android Phones</a><img src="

SmartWatch At Work

This smartwatch gives you the opportunity to  be aware as to what is going on, on your smartphone.this basically means that you don't need to take the phone out off your bag. pocket or from your waist. The Sony Smart Watch give you the luxury of getting notification,controlling your music, and also seeing incoming phone calls.With this gadgets you will definitely have to problem as it relates to chats such as Facebook. This is because you will feel a gentle vibration on your wrist to let you be aware of incoming messages.This feature is like an extension of your smartphone. Hence we will be kept up to date as it relates to your SMS or Facebook messages.see price  

In Your Face

 In your face, you can now chat/text messages, send email, look at calender, see recent calls, Facebook, Twitter, G mail, and many more. One touch will do it for you, as when a text or notification comes in you just need to touch the icon to read it. With the multi-layer color touchscreen you can scroll and read the enter text.

  Water Resistance 

 With the SONY SmartWatch 2 you can communicate in any weather without any problem, activities such as jogging in the early morning rain is of no problem. This watch make you keep your iPhone in a safe place while communicating conveniently at a glance. 

Android Features 

  • SmartWatch 2 is compatible with smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 or later
  • Software updates are available when ever new apps and devices become available
  • A wide variety of SmartWatch 2 apps available for download from Google Play


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